Writing an elementary school mission statement

The community shares the responsibility for furthering the school's mission in a safe, comfortable environment. Stopping to confirm common goals among the stakeholders will help the team meet its objectives.

It may be that the school wants to alter one or both. Where individuals are provided relevant curricular opportunities to promote critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Vision and Mission

To this end, we will continue. Having state of the art equipment, this catholic elementary school caters to children from the following churches: One of the most important responsibilities of any leader is establishing a vision and inviting others to share in its development. All students can learn.

Eliminate Obstacles One of the first obstacles that will come up is people's fear of change. It is not enough for a small group of people to create a vision and mission.

Class Mission Statement

Include interviews with key community leaders to get a sense of what needs they see as unmet. Are the statements easy to understand.

For our purposes here, we will refer to this collection of leaders as the vision oversight team. Powerful missions give people a since of purpose and passion. Ages and other characteristics of students you intend serve, Curriculum philosophy and instructional approaches you intend to use An overall goal or two of the school.

Vision and Mission

The vision statement could also be used this way for each meeting of the school site council or school leadership team. Digital citizenship and online safety are the responsibility of all stakeholders.

Chapter Developing a Vision and a Mission

Include at least a handful of other people in reviewing, commenting and refining a draft vision and mission that one or two people develop. A common understanding of the destination allows all stakeholders to align their improvement efforts.

Through e-mail messages, telephone conversations, and brief get-togethers, the four of you coordinate transportation, lodging, the time of departure, and other details.

Tell team members to get the faculty to articulate what it is they truly want from their students and school. Schools may also change their central curriculum or philosophy.

Chapter Developing a Vision and a Mission

Anderson School District One Mission Statement. Anderson School District One is committed to a tradition of excellence by providing world class knowledge, skills and life characteristics based on the individual needs of each student.

Mission Statement. Kitty Hawk Elementary School seeks to create a challenging learning environment that encourages high expectations for success through development-appropriate instruction that allows for individual differences and learning styles.

Mission and Vision Statements Examples District Vision Mission The vision statement is actually the first line of the mission statement.

The Cambridge Public Schools will be the first diverse urban school system to work with families and the community to The Mission of the Berkeley Unified School District is to enable and inspire our. The school’s faculty and board of directors should periodically review both the vision and mission statements.

Our District

It may be that the school wants to alter one or both. For example, the highly successful Twin Cities Academy in St.

Paul began by serving th grade students. MISSION OR VISION STATEMENT A school's mission, or vision, statement is a living document, says Hayes Mizell.

Below, Mizell shares his thoughts about how school leaders can keep the vision alive. Establish Your Own Vision Statement "See the Lakeview High School Mission Statement for an example.

A school should develop its own vision statement. Mission Statement: Big Springs Elementary School is preparing all of our students for their future. Vision Statement: Big Springs Elementary School is a place where all students are encouraged to strive for excellence academically, socially, and emotionally in a safe and supportive atmosphere.

Writing an elementary school mission statement
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Developing a Vision and a Mission